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My name is Israel Johnson, I am a Mother of 6 beautiful children and the founder of Mother Of Many Midwifery Service here in Berea, Kentucky. The days that I gave birth, created the most beautiful, empowering, and most memorable events of my life. The experiences molded me into becoming the passionate Mother, Doula, and Student Midwife I am today!

I believe that women have The Power of Birth Within. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. I believe woman are the connection between the earth & spirit realm.

In today’s world we as women are so disconnected from our natural instincts of pregnancy and labor. Unfortunately in America maternal and fetal death rates, abortions, and c-sections are still rising. I believe the time is NOW to take a step within ourselves and become better connected to our body and mind during pregnancy, and the road to motherhood. It’s time to feel confident and in control of your body, labor, pregnancy, provider, and support team.


  • Professional member of (EBB) Evidence Based Birth.
  • Proud partner and educator with [M]otherboard Birth.
  • Certified in (BLS) Basic Life Support.
  • Certified in (NRP) Neonatal Resuscitation Program .
  • Certified Doula and Birthkeeper (H.E.R.B.A.L) Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeeper Academy of Learning.
  • Certified Peer Lactation Counselor H.E.R.B.A.L


I am involved in many groups within my local birthing community. I serve families in Eastern, Kentucky and surrounding areas (Berea, Lexington, Winchester, Danville, etc.) I am a professional member of Evidence Based Birth, and a proud partner and educator with Motherboard Birth. I’m Certified in (BLS) Basic Life Support and (NRP) Neonatal Resuscitation Program .

I’ve been working along side wonderful and established Doulas and CPMs (certified professional midwife) here in the state of Kentucky, via home and hospital birth settings. These providers have the desire and passion to continue doing the work that is needed for our birthing families and supporting one another. We have been making big changes in our community.

Volunteer Work:

I currently volunteer as an independent doula/contractor for a Non-Profit organization called Hope’s Embrace.
Hope’s Embrace is a nonprofit community doula program that provides comprehensive maternal healthcare mentoring for under-served families during pregnancy and the critical first year after birth. Based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Currently Attending/Enrolled

Student Midwife: Direct Entry Midwife Program at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. Associates Degree: Midwifery 2021-Present (4.0GPA)

What is a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife)?

A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is a knowledgeable, skilled and independent midwifery practitioner who has met the standards for certification set by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). CPM’s professionalize in maternal and infant health. CPM is the only international credential that requires knowledge about and experience in out-of-hospital birth. –Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

At Southwest Tech, the “Direct Entry Midwife will provide hands-on holistic care for women of childbearing years and partner with women and other collaborative healthcare partners throughout the childbearing process.

The program emphasizes assessment in the low-risk pregnancy. A midwife conducts an initial assessment during pregnancy which includes nutritional assessment, overall health, risk level of the pregnancy, and then contracts and partners with the mother during the pregnancy to monitor fetal growth and development, overall health of the mother, and family support and resources available. The midwife will then assist the mother in labor and birth of the child in home or birthing center settings. The midwife follows the birth of the child with instruction on lactation technique, initial care of newborn and assessment of family support as mother and child transition in the out of hospital setting.” –Southwest Wisconsin Technical College


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